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 Chronice is an alarm clock for your desktop. It shows time using unique gradient based pattern. A large collection of fully customizable skins (clock faces) are at your disposal. 

 It features a choice of 3 shapes (circular, square & rounded), a control of every pixel of your clock skin with unlimited color choices, texture choices, includes more than 70 pre-defined skins, you can optionally 'save last position', you can park the clock at side or bottom of screen, 12 or 24-hour settings, and much more. Most of the options are self-explanatory, but if you have any doubt - experiment, it's fun.
 It has an advanced alarm scheduler, you can set up once-only or regular alarms (daily, weekly or monthly), a choice of notification sound, alarm messages, pictures, sounds, run documents or web-pages at the alarm.

 If you need help, open options (right mouse click or press "O") and go to the help tab.

New in version 3.4

  • A timer and stopwatch are included. Press "T"  or double click on the clock face to switch to timer mode.

  • Support for multiple galleries.

  • Random Skin option will make Chronice pick random skin for you when it starts.

  • Some debugging and interface improvements.


  1. Download Chronice installation file (the button below).

  2. If your have Chronice already installed and you have created some skins, copy your skins (both *.clk and *.jpg with same name) to a save location.
    After installation is done, copy them back in C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Chronice clock\Skins\User directory.

  3. If you have earlier than 3.2 version of Chronice, uninstall it.

  4. Run downloaded file and follow the instructions.

Chronice is a freeware. Read the license agreement and download Chronice installation file.

 Last version 3.4.1 (22.01.2017) Download Chronice    
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Skin Design tab Alarm tab Timer / Stopwatch

Copyright 2003-2017 Teodor Krastev             Special thanks to Sekoul Krastev for his help.